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Hi Folks, I am really looking forward to understand how polish people acts during a relantionship. I work with some polish guys and I dated one of them. Everything was fine between me and him but suddendly he broke up with me and told me he has a girlfriend in Poland. I have noticed that the other polish men who work with me are also married in Poland but they have "girlfriends" in my country. How can do they manage it? In the polish culture do the girls accept adultery?


He concluded that a Polish woman will only marry a man she knows she can cheat on, which is compatible with my own experiences in Poland. After further consideration, I started to wonder if that could be applied to all women. In a globalized world where a Polish woman can date any man from the world, why marry a beetroot? The answer is that Polish women are aggressive and blatant with cheating.

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Even when a Polish girl gets married, her eyes stay open for attractive men. I feel almost disturbed when one gives me long eye contact while holding hands with her man.

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Not only does a Polish woman marry the beta male, but she settles on one she know will be so clueless to her true nature that she will be able to take a trip every summer to Spain or Greece with her girlfriends. A common manosphere belief is that women want strong, dominant men. This is not the full truth. When it comes to marriagemost women will choose the rich beta provider who she can dictate terms to over the less resourceful but sexy alpha. In fact, many women specifically marry men they know are much uglier than they can get to maintain a dominant frame in the relationship where the man is more scared to lose her than the other way around.

Are they dominating their women? Are they upholding strict standards? Are they fielding multiple sexual offers from other women? The answer is that a man who willingly gets into a long-term monogamous relationship is opposed to being the real alpha that women get instantaneous sexual excitement for, because to voluntarily enter a relationship with a woman means to compromise and bend your masculine will for the sake of comfort, stability, love, and female happiness.

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Instead, you may think of words like compliant, hard worker, reliable, hen-pecked, fatigued, and boring. Strangely enough, men who are most successful with long-term relationships are not the most alpha. Women want to feel attraction to a man but she also wants to exercise all the options that modern feminism allows her. She wants to work, party with friends in venues that serve alcohol, flirt with other men, and take girls-only vacations. The best solution we have to this problem is to be the alpha providermeaning that you satisfy both alpha and beta desires within a woman to ensure that a relationship is successful:.

The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and Cheating wives in Poland children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property.

Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate. The verdict is still out on if this can work in the real world, but it is the one that I am open to attempting.

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In the end, I rather be seen as a side dick to a girl than a stable provider because then I will experience no hidden deceit in believing she loves me while fooling around behind my back. Read Next: The Alpha Provider.

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Roosh often accuses women of being too emotional to put forth a proper argument. He says they just hurl insults when they are triggered. Finally a great post Roosh. They are surely the most unfaithful in Europe. Have you ever read Lolita?

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Do you remember what happened to Humbert with his Polish wife at the beginning of the book? All accurate.

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But the dynamic definitely changes for the better once the wife has children. Her emotional focus shifts to child raising. Her time and energy also shifts to child raising. She becomes more dependent on her provider. But starting a family definitely buys a man a couple of years of good wifely behavior. Well, actually, that has worked out pretty okay for me so far.

But as a more generalized rule, I would say that the only reason to get married is to have children. And that when a woman has children, much of the bad behavior you have described single women engaging in goes temporarily away. LMAO ….

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I hate when people assume the all women are like the one they are with. If you have to trap someone in to Cheating wives in Poland with you by getting them pregnant and anchoring them down with taking care of your children that is really sad and might speak to the type of women you might know. You are no longer her one priority and you are no longer sexually attracted to her damaged body.

If the attraction is mainly physical … how did you expect to sustain a relationship? Did you have a cure of old age and potential illness in your plan. I think the bigger issue is some people just are not that bright and are not realistic with there expectations. Objectively my husband does not look as good as he did when we first started dating…. If you are unrealistically superficial, your expectations are never going to be met from a human being. Male or female … not a lot of being enjoy being intimate with someone that acts like they being critical of them.

She is going to want to avoid you and likely when starts to get her self in better shape she is going to be looking elsewhere for gratification possible to be spiteful about the way your hurt her. You are better off buying her sexy lingerie as a romantic gesture to make her feel good about her body. Positive reinforcement usually works. She feels better about her body… she feel Cheating wives in Poland comfortable when having sex with you.

She feels better about her self… she is more likely to put herself together better and take better care of her body. Also for god sake hire a baby sitter or drop the kids off with family for a few hours each week and go do some physical stuff together ex a walk, run … something. This is not about being superficial as you believe. Maybe you are interpreting men after your own ideal. The man might value and love a woman for all she is and be with her for these reasons and that undoubtedly will help with the attraction but on a physical level its another story.

Men are much more visually excited than women are. Their whole biology is made to to be attracted physically to the most fertile women. There is no doubt that this attraction will fade after a woman have children, especially if she puts on a lot of weight and lets herself go, the rare exception of woman that maintain her body almost as before do exist, mainly younger women though.

They have to if they are to still be considered desirable enough to be impregnated several times to deliver multiple offspring.

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This is a problem some people face…. Being a great mom should NOT distract someone from being a great wife and you are likely breeding overly needy whippy kids and doing the world no true service.

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As I tell my friends over and over and over and over again if you are not having an active sex life with your husband and on you are not on your death bed … something is up. This good wifely behaviour is a dumb concept.

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If your wife is cheating on you it is likely because you are not keeping up your end of the situation. You have lost her interest. It has to work both ways. Oh come on Roosh. After you spent years promoting and praising Polish girls, you suddenly come with this? I can only hope that few guys ended up getting attached with Polish women from your old articles. I think now its more mainstream than before, Polish women were always one of the sluttiest in Europe.

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This article reminded me of that spot on… and she ended up married to a shlub fuel specialist… non-hardcore service and support dweeb… a real fucking POG personnel other than Grunt … and as soon as she made it here to the land of the Big PX, she was calling me long distance, trying to re-kindle the relationship DESPITE being married to said aforementioned POG… I told her Nichts Nigh, and moved on, as I had already jumped on the new base Pussy Train….

Great Article BTW! The thing that makes Polish women great for fun excludes them from more than that. But some girls, myself included, would prefer to be with an alpha male not just in spite of his rejection of feminism, but perhaps even because of it.

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Why every woman think she deserves top tier guy if she is not top tier herself? Because no woman now think she is NOT top tier herself, thanks to feminism. That means a 35 YO never-married me deserve no less than a son of God with a feet long schlong!

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