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Could we BE more excited about the 25th anniversary of "Friends"? It gives us an excuse to rewatch NBC's classic sitcom before it leaves Netflix at the end of year for its new streaming home, HBO Max — as if we needed one.


But you may wonder, what happens if your friend wrecked your car?

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Besides from a potentially awkward situation between you and your friend, questions of insurance coverage naturally arise. Who pays for the damages? What will insurance cover?

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Most insurance policies will cover for damages under two common insurance plans:. Note that your insurance will only cover your friend up to whatever limit your policy specifies.

Making good friends

There are instances when insurance will not cover the accident if a friend crashes your car. Some of these instances include:. If your car is stolen and then crashed, you are not liable for any damages to another vehicle. Since it is an unauthorized driver car accidentyou are not held responsible for what the thief did with the car. Therefore, neither you nor your insurance company are required to cover any bills.

Fights with friends

Personal items or valuables stolen inside the car are usually not covered by comprehensive coverage, though. What happens if your friend wrecked your car and caused ificant damage to the other party? In this case, the other party could sue you to recover for the rest of the damages. Personal assets, such as your property, car, and savings, could be on the line.

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Moreover, as the owner of the vehicle, you have a duty to take reasonable precautions when lending out your vehicle to a friend. Your friend may be deemed unfit to drive for a variety of reasons including:.

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If it could be shown that you lent your car out to your friend despite knowing about his driving limitations, a case could be made against you for negligent entrustment. Similarly, if you knew your car was unfit for the road but still allowed your friend to drive it, you could be held liable.

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At Valiente Mott, our Las Vegas personal injury attorney team will provide you with the best legal advice given your scenario. If a friend drove your car and got into an accidentcontact Valiente Mott for a free consultation! Valiente Mott is a law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims.

We handle all personal injury matters, including, but not limited to, car crashes, defective products, and catastrophic injury. We are compassionate, yet aggressive when protecting personal injury victims and families who lost loved ones in fatal accidents.

My friend wrecked my car – now what?

Learn more about who we are. Sahara Ave. Under what circumstances does insurance cover damages? Damages can be in the form of car or injury damage.

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Collision coverage : Collision coverage is typically optional and covers any damage incurred on your vehicle. Depending on your specific insurance policy, a deductible payment is required. When will insurance not cover the accident?

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Your friend will be liable in this case and damages will go through their insurance first. Excluded driver : Insurance policies often give you an option to explicitly exclude certain people from your plan. Not only will you not be covered by your insurance, but you and your friend could be held liable for the accident. Driving under the influence : This is another case where most insurance policies will have an exclusion clause.

Whatever happens, a friend will be there for you

What if the car is stolen? The answer is yes, it is a possibility. Related posts:.

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Valiente Mott Valiente Mott is a law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims. Consulta gratuita.

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Sometimes friendships can have problems and it can be hard to know what to do.


Strong friendships are based on mutual support, however.


Most people count good friends among the most important people in their lives.