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As we read this Psalm, we noticed, from, the opening verses of it, that David was in the depths. If we imagine that the experience of true saints is always a happy high level of peace, we make a great mistake. They have their risings and their fallings, their days and their nights, their summers and their winters. Where there is life, there are pretty sure to be changes. The statues in St. If you are a living child of God, expect that you will have many variations in your experience, and that sometimes you will be in the depths as others have been.

Waiting, hoping, watching

Was not your Lord there? How could we know what he felt, how could we be made like unto our Lord if we also were not cast down? The best of godly men will be, occasionally or even often, in the depths of temporal trouble. They do not always live upon the mount with their transfigured Master; but they come into the valley where they are made to feel the power of inbred sin, and to mourn over it exceedingly.

It has been as much as the saint could do to call his God his own, for his very faith seemed to tremble under the pressure of affliction and depression of spirit. This Psalm ought to comfort you who are in the depths, as you see that others have had to go there, too; but mind that you follow the example of the psalmist, and, whatever you are called to suffer, never leave off praying. One of Looking waiting hoping des of Satan, when he finds saints in the depths, is to keep them there; but the wise child of God will cry to his Lord when he gets there, for then Satan cannot keep him there for long.

That cry is the voice of life, and God will not leave that soul in the depths, or suffer his redeemed one to see corruption there.

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Up you will rise if you can but cry. Cry, then, if you are in the depths.

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If you never cried before, cry now. If you have been accustomed to pray, now pull out all the stops of this wonderful organ of prayer, and let the music ascend into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, even though it seems to you to be nothing but discord.

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But, notice also that, while David thus cried unto the Lord, he made confession of his sin. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning. Upon which I observe, first, that this is the constant posture of all the saints of God. Before our Lord Jesus Christ came, all the spiritual people among the twelve tribes Looking waiting hoping waiting for his appearing; they firmly believed that he would come, yet they died without the sight for which they were looking.

But what about the saints since then? We are still waiting for its blessed realization. Yes, and in this respect I may say, with Dr. Watts, that—. The manifestation of the Head will be also the manifestation of all the members of his mystical body. Observe, too, that the children of Godon earthare frequently in the posture of waiting as individuals. In the first dawning of grace in the soul, when the heart is taught to believe in Jesus, it does not always happen that peace immediately follows upon faith.

We meet with many, about whose salvation we have ourselves no doubt, but they have themselves little or no hope as to their own eternal safety.

Watching and waiting, hoping and praying lyrics

We feel sure that they have really trusted in the Saviour, and therefore have been saved by him; but, by reason of temptation, or bodily weakness, or a measure of darkness remaining upon them through ignorance, they do not yet know the glorious liberty and assurance of the children of God. I have no doubt that there are many, in the fold of Jesus, who do not feel themselves at rest; they are waiting until they shall possess full peace with God. They do at times enjoy that peace, sweet gleams of sunlight come to them; but they are soon in darkness again, and their unbelief struggles with their faith.

You do trust him; may you never have any other trust! You are relying upon his righteousness, yet Looking waiting hoping do not feel that joy and peace which others of the children of God feel. Well, then, you are in this place of waiting; and, for a while, perhaps, you will have to exorcise that waiting spirit.

Many of us have gone further than that, but we are still waiting; — waiting, among other things, for victory over sin. Well, go on crying for it out of the very depths; go on Looking waiting hoping for it through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; but if it does not come to you, and you have, day after day, and even year after year, bitterly to feel that the work of God is not perfected in you, still wait, for the Lord will not leave his work unfinished, he will have regard to the work of his own hands, he will go on with it till it is perfected; but, in the meantime, you will be waiting for the complete victory.

And if you should get that, you will still have to be a waiter, oftentimes, in the matter of prayer. It would be difficult to say how long a Christian may have to wait for answers to prayer.

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If I remember rightly, there is one godly man, who has been praying every day for thirty-six years for one thing, and recording his prayers in a book; and other believers have ed with him, yet the answer has not come, but he as fully expects it as when he first began to pray. I have heard of wives praying for the conversion of their husbands through their whole lifetime, and never living to see them saved; yet they were brought to the Lord after their partners had gone home.

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I have heard of parents pleading for their children by the score of years together, yet the prayer has not been answered at present; God is keeping them waiting, and it is theirs still to wait at the posts of his doors hoping and expecting the blessing they have asked of the Lord. I will suppose that you have had your prayers answered, and therefore you have not to wait for that mercy; yet I am sure you know of something else to wait for.

Sometimes we have to wait for conscious fellowship with God. We had it once, but we have lost it, so we cry to have it restored.

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When we enjoy it again, we cry for more of it; and when we have more of it, we still cry for more; and when we have the most that we ever have had, then our cry is yet keener for still more, for this sweet love of God enlarges the heart into which it enters.

It brings with it a hallowed hungering and thirsting; it kills all unholy craving, but it creates a sacred appetite which is greatly to be desired. O Lord, make my hunger for thee to be insatiable! Let it never be satisfied. If this be the desire of your heart, you will always be waiting, and asking, and longing for more and more of fellowship with your Lord.

When the apostle Paul, the Looking waiting hoping marvellous runner who ever ran the Christian race, had been running for many, many years, he said that he had not yet attained; he even forgot the things that were behind, and pressed forward still toward that which was before, the prize of his high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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Brothers and sisters, there is an infinity of grace and mercy beyond you; whatever of blessing you have as yet received, you have but sipped from the ever-flowing stream of eternal love. You have but gathered a few shells washed up on the shore of the ocean of boundless grace. You have not received all yet; you cannot enjoy all yet; you must wait, and wait, and wait, for —. Yes, and if we were to get as much of personal blessing as ever we could hold, we should still be waiting.

After every address you give, after every time you have the members of your class gathered together, and talked to them about Christ, are you not waiting for more souls to be saved through your service? Do you not wait to be able to Looking waiting hoping God better? You see, dear friends, how I have tried to set before you this waiting posture of the saints as a whole, and also of each one in particular.

Now I want to show you that it is a very blessed posturefor waiting tries faith, and that is a good thing, because faith grows by trial.

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Waiting exercises patience, and that is also a good thing, fur patience is one of the choice gifts of God. Waiting endears every blessing when it comes; and thus we get two joys, — the joy of waiting for the joy, as well as the joy of enjoying the joy when it comes. We get a better appetite for the banquet by waiting awhile before we sit down to it.

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Oh, the joy it will be to rest after toil! Oh, the delight of heavenly wealth after earthly poverty! Oh, the bliss of being perfectly rid of every tendency to sin after having struggled with it here for years! Thus, all these trials are preparations for a higher state of joy by-and-by. My soul waiteth for the Lord.

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My soul doth wait for the Lord; I want nothing else; I am not waiting for anything else. My hope is in thee. Observe, first, that hope is the reason for waiting. But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. Further, this hope is the sweetener of waiting. Waiting is always sweet when there is a hope at the end of it. The vista may be very long, but you pursue your way with willing footsteps because you hope to reach the shelter at the end. It is the waiting soul that gets the blessing.

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He that waits, and he that hopes, learns to watch. First, what is the figure here used? I should not wonder if it is partly the temple. There was the great temple at Jerusalem, and all the people went up to it to worship so many times a year.

I will suppose that God has given warm hearts to you and me, and that we want to be at the ancient temple.

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