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Urinary symptoms, sexual intercourse and ificant bacteriuria in male patients attending STD clinics. PubMed Central.

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All 13 patients with positive culture had SI sexual orientation, type of SI, of sexual partners, condom usage and bacteriuria. Dysuria with or without urethral discharge is the most predictive symptom of bacteriuria.

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Pyuria has a high sensitivity for predicting bacteriuria among males. Human immunodeficiency virus infection among patients attending clinics for sexually transmitted diseases. To assess the prevalence and associated risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection in patients attending inner-city clinics for sexually transmitted diseases in Baltimore, we screened patients anonymously, of whom 5.

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HIV-seropositivity rates were higher among men 6. Among men, but not women, HIV seroprevalence increased markedly and steadily up to the age of In men, HIV seropositivity was independently associated with increased age, black race, a history of homosexual contact, and the use of parenteral drugs.

In women, a history of parenteral drug use or of being a sexual partner of a bisexual man or parenteral drug user were independently predictive of HIV seropositivity. In men, HIV seropositivity was also associated with a history of syphilis or a reactive serologic test for syphilis, and in women, with a history of genital warts. Since these associations were independent of the type and of reported sexual partners, they raise the possibility that sexually transmitted diseases that disrupt epithelial surfaces may be important in the transmissibility of HIV.

In addition, on a self-administered questionnaire, one third of HIV-infected men and one half of infected women did not acknowledge high-risk behavior for HIV exposure. These data suggest that patients at clinics for sexually transmitted diseases represent a group at high risk for HIV infection, and that screening, counseling, and intensive education should be offered to all patients attending such clinics. Understanding patient choices for attending sexually transmitted infection testing services: a qualitative study. Objectives To establish which aspects of sexually transmitted infection STI testing services are important to STI testing service users.

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Methods 10 focus groups consisting of or existing users of STI testing services were conducted in community settings in the south east of England. Groups were quota sampled based on age, gender and sexual orientation. Data were analysed using Framework Analysis.

Perceived expertise of staff was the key reason for attendance at genitourinary medicine services rather than general practice. Although some respondents voiced a willingness to test for STIs within general practice, the apparent limited range of tests available in general practice and the perceived lack of expertise around sexual health appeared to discourage attendance at general practice.

The decision of where to test for STIs was also influenced by past experience of testing, existing relationships with general practice, method of receiving test and whether the patient had other medical conditions such as HIV. Conclusions No one type of STI testing service is suitable for all patients. This is recognised by policymakers, and it now requires commissioners and providers to make services outside of genitourinary medicine clinics more acceptable and attractive to patientsin particular to address the perceived lack of expertise and limited range of STIs tests available at alternative testing sites.

Indian-born patients attending a sexual health clinic in Australia have differing characteristics to their Australian-born counterparts.

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We report a retrospective cross-sectional study from Western Sydney that assessed the sexual health characteristics of Indian-born patients attending sexual health services compared with Australian-born controls. The sexual health needs of Indian-born patients differed ificantly from controls with those born in India reporting more sexual dysfunction and controls having more sexually transmitted infections STI. These issues should be considered when delivering services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Default patterns of patients attending clinics for sexually transmitted diseases.

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The influence of gender, propaganda, and treatment methods was studied in relation to default behaviour of patients with sexually transmitted diseases. The overall default rate of men and women was similar, but a larger proportion of men defaulted after the initial visit, while the biggest fall-out in women was after the second attendance at the clinic.

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The institution of a propaganda campaign was followed by a reduction in defaulting. The statistical ificance of this is open to question, however: moreover the observed improvement in default rate was not maintained once the propaganda had been relaxed. Men treated for non-gonococcal urethritis by a regimen which included one injection a week for three weeks showed a highly ificantly lower default rate compared with those who received tablets alone.

Sexual health clinic attendance and non- attendance in Britain: findings from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles Natsal We estimate prevalence of SHC attendance and how this varies by sociodemographic and behavioural factors including unsafe sex and describe hypothetical service preferences for those reporting unsafe sex.

Overall, recent attendance past year was highest among those aged 16—24 years However, of non- attenders aged 16—44 years, Conclusion While most reporting unsafe sex had not attended a SHC, many, particularly younger women, had tested for chlamydia suggesting engagement with sexual health services more broadly. Effective, diverse service provision is needed to engage those at-risk and ensure that they can attend services appropriate to their needs.

Background Sexually transmitted disease STD prevention remains a public health priority. Simple, practical interventions to reduce STD incidence that can be easily and inexpensively administered in high-volume clinical settings are needed.

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We evaluated whether a brief video, which contained STD prevention messages targeted to all patients in the waiting room, reduced acquisition of new infections after that clinic visit. Condition asment alternated every 4 wk and was determined by which condition intervention or control was in place in the clinic waiting room during the patient 's first visit within the study period. An intent-to-treat analysis was used to compare STD incidence between intervention and control patients.

The primary endpoint was time to diagnosis of incident laboratory-confirmed infections gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, and HIVas identified through review of medical records and county STD surveillance registries. During In survival analysis, patients ased to the intervention condition had ificantly fewer STDs compared with the control condition hazard ratio [HR], 0. This simple, low-intensity intervention may be appropriate for adoption by clinics that serve similar patient populations.

Given increased sexual risk-taking among youth with mental health problems, this study sought to understand the developmental trajectory of sexual self-esteem SSE among this vulnerable population and how it is impacted by sexual experiences.

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Sexual dysfunctions are common among the general population. An essential part of the asments to specialized sexual medicine care units are from primary care physicians. In to for a period of 18 months questionnaires were given to all patientswho attended the special sexual medicine care unit at the University Hospital of Zurich for the first time. At the beginning of their treatment, the patients were questioned about different psychosocial characteristics and aspects of their sexuality.

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We studied 43 women Women were with an average age of The most common sexual dysfunction in women was lack or loss of sexual desire The studied subjects showed distinctively lower values in their sense of coherence than men and women in the general population. The patients were much more anxious than people in the average population.

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The questioned men were also much more depressive than men in the general population and than the examined women. The examined men reported sexual wishes, needs and sexual activities ificant more frequently than the examined women. As men and women with sexual dysfunctions are much more anxious than people from the general population, physicians should address sexual themes in the conversations with their patients carefully but actively.

High rates of chlamydia found among to year-olds attending a rural sexual health clinic: implications for practice. If untreated, potential consequences include pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Ina retrospective audit was undertaken at a rural service to determine what proportion of patients were aged years, infected with chlamydia and their reasons for attending the clinic.

Forty-six tests were positive for chlamydia The reasons for attending when a chlamydia test was ordered included: i fear of pregnancy Only Sexually active to year-olds should be tested for chlamydia, and establishing their sexual history is crucial. Amending the current Australian guidelines to annual testing of any sexually active person under the age of 30 years should be considered.

This paper is concerned with the ways in which men construct and explain their sexual identity. When attending a genitourinary medicine GUM clinic the constraints of the system and the imperatives of the clinical encounter tend Mature sex chat Cubillas De Cerrato be reductive, reinforcing the dominant constructions of male sexuality and masculinity. Interviews with men recruited as part of a study of the social construction of male sexuality yielded richly textured narratives of sexual experiences and explanations of sexual identity.

The paper reports on the ethnographic study and, using extracts from these narratives, will address central themes of: i emotional labour of identity formation; ii an essentialist view of sexual orientation and corresponding identity; and iii role, social fit and the reformulating of the dominant social notions of partnerships within a new geography of desire transgression, "authenticity".

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Self-reported sexual symptoms in women attending menopause clinics. Each subject completed a visual scale for sexual symptoms and for other complaints frequently occurring at menopause.

Pain during sexual intercourse For example, loss of fitness, urogenital symptoms, a negative self-image increase of facial hairand depressive symptoms were more common in women with sexual complaints. Given the concomitant role of hormonal and aging determinants, a comprehensive approach to female health is needed when facing climacteric sexual dysfunction. Copyright S. Karger AG, Basel. Prior research shows that violence is associated with sexual risk behavior, but little is known about the relation between community violence i.

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To better understand contextual influences on HIV risk behavior, we asked adult patients attending a publicly funded STI clinic in the U. A separate sample of participants from the same trial completed measures of sexual behavior norms, which were aggregated to create measures of census tract sexual behavior norms. Data analyses controlling for socioeconomic status revealed that higher levels of community violence were associated with more sexual partners for men and with more episodes of unprotected sex with non-steady partners for women.

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