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FOR years, Stephen Ward, 68, struggled as his wife suffered from multiple sclerosis and died.

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Then inhe met Phyllis Kellerman, 70, and they started dating. The retired couple discovered that they had much in common. Both loved the theater. Both had long happy marriages and children.

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Ward and Ms. The couple soon fell in love. Kellerman moved into Mr. Though they talked about marrying, the couple decided against it. Both planned to leave assets to their grown children, and they worried that marriage could create legal problems for heirs.

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The partners also were concerned about provisions in the tax code that sometimes force married couples to pay more than single people. Americans have long been retreating from marriage. While more people of all ages are living together, the growth of unmarried couples is fastest among the older segment of the population. In2. For many, the decision to remain single is a matter of money.

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For young people, living together tends to be a transitory arrangement, says Susan L. Brown, professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University, who has studied cohabitation. Young unmarried couples typically have less education and lower incomes than their married peers.

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Those living together remained single because they could not afford to buy a house and settle down. Such young couples often live together for a year or two and then get married or break up. Brown found that older couples were not any poorer than their married peers.

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Older people lived together unmarried for an average of nine years. Lawyers urge unmarried clients to draw up agreements specifying which partner is responsible for expenses and who will inherit assets. Many couples ignore the advice and share expenses informally. But the loose arrangements can result in messy legal problems if the couple splits or one partner dies suddenly.

Lawyers tell stories of couples who lived together for years in a property owned by one partner.

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When the owner died, children claimed the property and evicted the survivor. To avoid such situations, lawyers suggest drawing up agreements that will protect both partners. Medical issues have been a concern for Marie Macchia, 70, and Jack Laurie, 77, who have been together for eight years. They divide their time between Ms. The couple worried that if one partner became sick, hospitals could block access to records or make it difficult for the healthy partner to visit.

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The proxies are to prevent such problems. Whether or not they documents, many older couples remain single because of financial issues. Potential medical burdens pose a special problem, says Howard S. Under the law, married people are responsible for the debts of spouses. Krooks, and Medicaid covers expenses only after the couple has exhausted most of their assets.

Krooks describes a well-to-do client who lived with a woman and decided to marry. After learning about the potential medical costs, the man elected to remain unmarried. The client agreed to support his partner and leave assets to her in his will.

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Many couples refuse to marry because of concern about protecting the inheritances of children. While prenuptial agreements can stipulate who heirs will be, the partners often worry that legal documents may not be airtight or could be changed after a spouse dies. In some states, property owners are required to leave one-third or more of their assets to surviving spouses. Even if they prove secure, prenuptial agreements can be expensive to draft. A marriage can result in families losing student aid, says Mark Kantrowitz, senior vice president of Edvisors Network, which operates education websites.

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Kantrowitz has encountered situations where remarried partners insist on prenuptial agreements saying that the stepparent will not contribute to college tuition. But the child loses financial aid anyway. For years, Congress has wrestled with provisions that impose higher taxes on married couples.

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For many people, the marriage penalty has been reduced, and in some cases married couples pay lower taxes than single peers. But the tax code is still full of provisions that place burdens on married couples, says Katherine Dean, managing director for wealth planning for Wells Fargo Private Bank.

The penalties are particularly severe for high-income taxpayers.

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But if the couple marries, they will pay at a rate of Middle-income people can also increase their burdens by thousands of dollars when they marry. But if the partners married, their t income would be too high to take any deduction. Some couples delay marriage because of Social Security.

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But survivors who remarry before age 60 lose the benefits. Government pensions also cause some people to postpone marrying, says Linda J. Ravdin, a lawyer in Bethesda, Md. But if survivors remarry before age 55, they lose the pensions.

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Survivors of military personnel can face especially steep penalties when they remarry, says Maryan K. Jaross, a financial adviser in Denver. She has counseled a close friend who obtained a pension after her husband died while serving in the military.

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The widow remarried. She lost the pension, gave up health insurance and the right to shop at a base commissary, where products sell at discounts.

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Her new husband died two years after the marriage, leaving her a widow with no support. The widow met another man, and this time she is cohabiting.

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Older women, especially, who were alone for any reason — widowhood, divorce, or simply not meeting the right person — were the recipients of sympathetic clucks and dating suggestions from well-meaning friends, and they often felt shy about attending events usually frequented by couples.


Getting older doesn't mean that the world automatically has to slow down one's love life.