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Long before and after Mr. Grey and the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy took over the world, there were a whole host of glorious and brilliantly written sexy, some may say dirty, books.


What it's about: Maksimilian Sevastyan is a rich Russian politician and mob boss who's in Miami to check out some real estate. When her friend, an escort, offers her a one-time appointment, Cat takes the opportunity to make a couple thousand in one night.

Who's the client? Maksimilian, of course. I absolutely loved these two. They had passion and fire. As soon as I finished this book, I dialed it back Slutty Reading girls one and started it all over again!

What it's about: Maxim Cade is the son of an oil magnate and heir to an empire he neither wants nor agrees with. Lennix Hunter is a member of the Apache Nation dedicated to keeping that empire from invading sacred land. When the two meet at a pipeline protest, the chance encounter changes their lives — though they don't realize it until years later. I loved their passion for one another and how their connection felt like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love that came right off the s. The Kingmaker made me swoon and melt, but also made me hold my breath when all seemed lost.

I loved every word of this story and truly can't wait until The Rebel King. What it's about: Mia Saunders' father is drowning in gambling debt, and the loan shark is her ruthless ex-boyfriend.

beautiful girls Sabrina

After he's brutally attacked, Mia knows she has to pay it down over the course of a year — so she takes a job as a high-priced escort. January is the first in a series of 12 novellas, each one focused on a new month, client, and location. I loved the concept. I loved the depth. I loved the characters and the emotion that simmered between the two of them. Truly, I tore through this story and would have finished it a whole lot more quickly if reality would have left me alone long enough to do so. When it was over I didn't even pause a beat before I shifted to February! Ten years later, Donovan and Weston are best friends and business partners — and Sabrina's their new employee.

Tension ensues. All-consuming Slutty Reading girls Kindle-melting sex! Supreme cast! Epic upon epic! What it's about: Tyler Anselm Bell is a year-old priest who's never had a problem following rules — until heir and ex-stripper Poppy Danforth steps into his confessional. Oh, my goodness. It's one of those books where you're worried about reading it in public, because your secret shame will show. The writing was great, the sex was phenomenal, and this was taboo done right.

house personals Michelle

If you're looking for a hot read, go for it. What it's about: Nina Chapman is a political campaigner with radical ideas and a big, secret crush on her older brother's best friend, James Foster.

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James is interested too, but Slutty Reading girls convinced Nina's too young and unable to commit. Then Nina finds herself at the center of a scandal — and she ends up riding out the storm in the safety of James' home. It's a thing of beauty. What it's about: One With You is the much-anticipated finale to the Crossfire series — and getting married is just another beginning in the very hot, often heartbreaking Gideon Cross—Eva Tramell love story.

There's a special intensity that Gideon and Eva's relationship always had that really resonated with me deeply. Back when I read Bared to You when it was first released, I remember it was the first book in my life that I read, finished, and immediately flipped back to one to read again. Since then, I've been addicted to this story and loved each one of the books. What it's about: The first time Rome meets Cal, she mistakes him for someone else and slaps him across the face in the middle of a crowded bar.

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But he's not upset; he's into it — which is surprising since he's a dom. The two start dating, but they're both keeping secrets. I instantly fell in love with the characters, and I could picture exactly what was going on in my mind, like a movie, because the story is written so well. The ending left me aching to know what happens next, and I almost started to cry at the thought of having to wait a while for the next book.

lovely babes Emani

What it's about: Creighton Karas is a self-proclaimed asshole and a billionaire who's used to getting what he wants. Holly Wix is an up-and-coming country singer who gave him the best sex of his life — and now, uncharacteristically, he can't stop thinking about her. Dirty Billionaire is aptly named and searingly hot: I was immediately addicted.

sexual female Kenzie

From the very first to the very last, Ms. Landish has written a story that you will not want to put down. Dirty Talk is one smokin' HOT romance story with a great mix of heartbreak, danger, a twist, intense chemistry, and so much more.

What it's about: Caprice Tatum returns to Atlanta after decades away, working on a music career that's brought her international fame. But she still can't get past trauma from years before, especially as she starts mingling in the same social circles as the people who hurt her. There's one person she trusts — her childhood crush, Jonovan — but can she open herself up to intimacy while she's so focused on getting revenge? I laughed, cried, cussed a lotand I learned a few things about mental illness as well. To me, that is what reading should be about.

And in typical Zane fashion, the sex is off the chain hot, and will have you sitting there with your mouth stuck open. What it's Slutty Reading girls Jackson Steele is a super-successful architect and a minor celebrity whom everyone seems to want.

Sylvia Brooks had him for one amazing weekend but ran away when it seemed like they could become something real. Now she has to face him again with the hope that he can save a project that could make or break her career.

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Kenner's best work to date. I was immediately pulled in; everything was super intriguing.

fit girl Cecilia

There is this fantastic 'what's going to happen next' build that makes it a -turner. Hot doesn't cover the sexy times in this book. Erotic, passionate, add in some kink, and the pull between these two is off the charts. What it's about: Paine is a mechanic and business owner. Penelope is a sheltered rich girl whose controlling father has picked out a lawyer for her to marry.

house women Mara

But when Penelope walks into Paine's garage, their attraction is undeniable. I love the fact that he is a dirty mechanic and she is a polished rich girl. The guy knows what he wants, and he knows what she wants. It will surely remind you the script of a cheap porn film.

Lots of dirty talk, dirtier action, and a lot of talking about breeding. An entertaining and funny story. What it's about: Evelyn Russell is a young, ambitious deer who's got a singular focus on professional success. But when she makes a mistake that costs the company thousands of dollars, she's determined to make the money back — and she does it by selling her services one night at a BDSM club. Talk about total sensory overload! One of the hottest stories I've read in a while, with possibly some of the best written sex scenes I have ever come across.

Steamy, romantic, exhilarating — every twist and turn in this mouthwatering story was delivered just right, penned to perfection, and kept me hypnotized cover to cover. What it's about: A man and a woman, each carrying secrets and grief from their pasts, have a chance encounter at a Los Angeles gas station — and then experience the craziest 12 hours of their lives. Each and every book I read of his raises my level of obsession. One Night was no different. This book was intense and suspenseful.

Some of the bombs dropped in the book had me going back to read again, wondering if I Slutty Reading girls it right the first time. And the passion Nobody can pen a sex scene like EJD!!

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